Project Team Support Page


The purpose of this page is to:

  1. Describe how you can contribute to the project and become a participant on the core project team.
  2. Detail the scope of work as it is presently known so that our efforts are aligned and focused.
  3. Answer a few frequently asked questions about participation on the project.
  4. Provide a description of the project's market-State information policy in the form of a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (this is an open source CC By 3.0 project).


1. How can I help advance the design specifications and contribute to the project?

Every day, thousands of individuals and teams all over the world apply effort toward this common direction. Contributors to The Auravana Project are here to integrate their discoveries and efforts into a unified design specification that details the logical derivation and structural operation of the Community.

We are a highly motivated team of dedicated individuals working toward this common direction. We are inviting anyone interested in joining us in our mission to live and create for the highest fulfillment of all. Operationally speaking, we participate on this project in a self-directed, collaborative, and integrated manner. As individuals, we contribute where we have an interest and the necessary skills. If you have an interest, but do not have the skill set necessary to advance the project along the lines of your interest, then as you work toward developing skills in your area of interest,  your learning and skill development may be exactly what is needed to advance a less developed (or possibly, errored) area of the project. Sometimes it is easier for a learner to spot gaps, contradictions and errors in an existing design than it is for a “professional” to notice those same issues.

NOTE: At the present time we are not separating out participation by role or specialty. Yet, if you have a developed specialty and are interested in contributing, then we would greatly appreciate your help.

If you want to take an active role in making this world a better place through further development of our common direction, then there are many ways you can help. Here are just some of the ways you can become involved in the Project.

  • Tell us how you can contribute to the project.
  • Share your ideas and discoveries with us.
  • Conduct scientific research and openly share your research with us.
  • Read the design specifications and send us your additions or corrections.
  • Share the ideas conveyed by the project with others to stimulate interest.
  • Network with others in an effort to find individuals with skill sets / interests that we may be missing, but are essential to the successful completion of the project.
  • If you are a student, then use the flexibility of course assignments to complete work/tasks that advance this project. If you are enrolling in a college or university then select courses and assignments that advance this direction.
  • Review our 'scope of work' below and contact us to begin contributing.


2. Scope of work to be completed

Please note that our scope of work is currently being integrated into a comprehensive and "professional" project plan that describes what we have completed to date and how we are going to finalize the design specifications and found/build the first community of this kind.

Our present sub-projects include:

  1. The Material System Specification. There are four principal parts to the architectural specification for the materialization of the Community.
    1. The written documentation part.
    2. The architectural CAD- and BIM-based drawings for the integrated city system.
    3. The 3D visually modeled representation of the integrated city system (with different configurations).
    4. Integration of the 3D representation into a gaming engine for virtually simulating all technical operational aspects of the community.
  2. An open source virtual reality simulator of the city.
  3. The Project Plan
  4. The Jurisdictional and Geopolitical Analysis.
    1. A comprehensive jurisdictional and geopolitical analysis to determine possible locations for placement of the first community on this planet with comparison between locations and a feasibility/viability determination. Herein, there is a requirement for the establishment of relationships in the geo-jurisdictional area where the community has a probability of placement.
  5. The Business Plan
    1. A business plan and accompanying analysis to ensure the continued financial viability of the community within the larger monetary market. The first version of the community [at least] will require significant resources from the market, and hence, the community will require some balance of [angel] donations and business interaction. The Community will have to interact with the market [to some degree], and this will have to be planned and accounted for.
  6. The existing specifications
    1. Continued development and error correction of the existing specifications themselves.
    2. Migration of the content onto an online open source collaboration and revisioning platform.
    3. A scientific 'literature review' of the existing specifications.
    4. An oral narration of the design specifications (i.e., turning them into an audiobook, or series of audio/video presentations).
    5. Create brief "overview" versions of the specifications using simple terminology. In other words, each blueprint will have a briefed version (or “Introductory Companion”) to facilitate an understanding of the content of the blueprint and develop an interest in the project. Also, these companion documents may be used as reference guides for those who have read the blueprints but have yet to fully process and integrate the content.
    6. Usage and/or development of a collaborations platform for the development of the specifications.
  7. Creation of video media detailing the specifics of the proposal through a series of professional videos for both marketing and learning purposes.
    1. Descriptive video media of the specifications presented in a professional, personal, and visually appealing manner.
    2. Podcasts and interviews with others who could facilitate the evolution of the specifications and with whom a relationship would be useful for the formation of the community network.
  8. Mathematical modeling and software programming
    1. The mathematical modeling and software programming of the decisioning system.
  9. Value screening questionnaire and documentation for entrance into the community once it is constructed
    1. We are proposing an entirely different way of living with a value orientation highly divergent from the many other orientations seen throughout modern society. Entrance into the first community (or, community network) will depend highly upon the value orientation of the individual. The Community will screen individuals to ensure that their value orientation is aligned with the value orientation of the Community as described in the specifications, particularly, the Social and Decision System specifications.
  10. A Marketing/Community Outreach Plan
  11. Other projects and ideas
    1. A fictional story (i.e., novel) of someone's life in the community (in the not too distant future so that it is relatable). This should not be distant science fiction, but portray a short-term view of the lifestyle of individuals among community and the community's operation.
    2. A board game as a learning and sharing tool.
    3. Interview podcasts. These serve two purposes: 1) To remove contradictions and fill in the gaps in our proposal through discussion with others. 2) To facilitate in sharing of the system and possibly get others involved.
    4. Establishing an annual conference/event between organizations that share this similar direction to refine and finalize the specifications and analyses.
    5. Continued development of the frequently asks questions section of the website.

Please note that we are open-source and free-sharing everything needed for duplication of each component and/or all of The Auravana Project. Everything we do is added to our online platform without patents, copyrights, or limitations of use of any kind. This means everyone is welcome and encouraged to use anything we create in any way they like. We are designing a scalable and duplicable system that could transform the planet within ten years. If we design a community for a thousand people and the technology and systems in the community could duplicate the community and itself every 6 months we could house 10 billion people in approximately 10 years or 20 duplications. Join us in this effort.


3. Frequently asked questions about participation and contribution to the project.

Q. Is there an application process?

A. No. There is no application process at the present time; you are either participating through your contributions or you are not.

Q. What do we do on a daily basis? In other words, what would it look like if "I" where to participate in this project.

A. We complete tasks along the lines of our project plan (i.e., scope of work) toward the design and development of the first community of this kind. It is important to note that when we communicate as participants to this project, we focus on "tangible contribution" items and activities that maximize our forward movement toward the completed design and eventual establishment of the proposed community. "Tangible contribution" refers to work directly related to the project's identified action items. We focus on tangible items and activities to maximize our energies, effort expenditure, and productivity as participants to this project.

Q. I am interested in participating, but I would first like to know what the project's purpose, goals, and core values are.

A. Our overarching purpose, goals, and values are detailed at length in the Social System specification (they are also referenced and defined at further length in the Decision System specification). Please see the table of contents of the two specifications for location. Some of this content is also noted on our 'About' webpage.

Q. Do you accept financial contributions?

A. If you would like to contribute financially, then please contact us via our contact page.

Q. I am interested in founding the first community.

A. Our organization would need to analyse your proposal including the land (through a 'land assessment') and a jurisdictional analysis would need to be completed on your State and local jurisdiction. There is still a lot of work that needs to be completed before we initiate the founding of the first community-city. Because our designs are open source we don't have any requirements from you, so you could, in fact, implement these designs in any way you like.

Additional Note

Like any major project proposing social and economic change, this will take time and many iterations. Help us make the best online experience for everyone who contributes: Send us your thoughts, suggestions, or desire to contribute through our contact page, or add your first tangible contribution through our Team Communications page.

4. Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy

The Auravana Project is an open source and free shared (i.e., free source) project operating under a CC BY 3.0 License.

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Welcome to the future we are all creating.