sign your name as an advocate, be counted data

These three organizations allow you to sign your name in advocacy of an RBE (a.k.a., NL/RBE and community-type society).


1. The Free world Charter

Ten principles with the potential to optimise life on Earth for all species, eradicate poverty and greed, and advance progress.

2. RBE PLEDGE (Common Heritage)

"We, the Citizens Of The World are calling forth a community and resource based system-redesign: a new socio-economic structure, highly automated, money-less society that facilitates human fulfillment and ecological sustainability."

3. David Winter's RBE "Be Counted" (see report below for the data)

a. Please contact David Winter (via his LinkedIn profile) for inquiries about the data in this section.

b. Visit the Be Counted website where the data is collated, and you can be counted anonymously (count occurs each month).

This page presents data on the level of global awareness of the conception of that which is most commonly known as a 'Resource-Based Economy' (RBE), but is also commonly recognized by the names, 'Natural Law / Resource-Based Economy' (NL/RBE or NLRBE) and 'Community-Type Society'.

The societal conception being tracked by the data on this page goes by a number of different (but related) names. Often, different organizations use different names to describe this same, or essentially similar, system. There are a number of different organizations working separately (though sometimes collaborating) on the development and promotion of the societal system being tracked by the data on this page.


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